The Ultimate Guide to Securing a Norwegian Work Visa

The Ultimate Guide to Securing a Norwegian Work Visa
The Ultimate Guide to Securing a Norwegian Work Visa


Norway offers beautiful scenery and good job opportunities that make it an appealing place for professionals looking to work abroad.

To legally work in Norway if you are not an EU or EEA citizen, you need a work visa, which can be complicated to get.

This article walks through the process of securing a Norwegian work visa for those hoping to live and work surrounded by Norway’s magnificent landscapes.

Can you work in Norway?

Most people from outside the EU or EEA need a Norwegian work visa to work legally in Norway.

However, some non-EU or EEA citizens can work without a visa due to agreements with certain countries.

Picking the Right Visa Type

To get a work visa in Norway, you need to find the category that fits your situation best.

The main types of work visas are for skilled workers and intra-company transfers.

Here’s an overview of who qualifies for each:

Visa Category Eligibility Criteria
Skilled Worker Occupation, salary, and sponsorship
Intra-company Transfer Employment with a multinational company, specialized role


Each visa type has distinct requirements and application processes.

Let’s delve deeper into each category to better understand their nuances.

How to Apply for a Norwegian Work Visa

How to Apply for a Norwegian Work Visa
Infographic: How to Apply for a Norwegian Work Visa


Follow these steps when applying for a Norwegian work visa:

  1. Research Requirements: Check the Norwegian immigration website to understand what you need for the visa type you want.
  2. Gather Documents: Have ready things like your passport, job offer letter, transcripts, and anything else Norway asks for with your visa type.
  3. Fill out the forms: Fill out the application for a visa to Norway, making sure all the information is correct.
  4. Pay Fees: Pay the application fees using the payment methods Norway specifies.
  5. Submit Application: Send your finished application and documents to the nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate.

For official guidelines and resources, visit the Norwegian immigration website.


What to Think About When applying for a Norwegian work visa

As you go through the process of getting a Norwegian work visa, keep these tips in mind:

  • Know How Long Applications Take: Check expected processing times so you can plan around them.
  • Look Into Bringing Family: Find out if family members can come with you and what visas they need.
  • Learn how Norway’s healthcare system works and make sure you have coverage.
  • Get Help If Needed: Consider consulting immigration lawyers or advisors for personalized guidance.

Also, use sites like job boards and platforms to help look for jobs in Norway.


Getting a work permit in Norway takes planning, looking into all the requirements, and following the official rules closely.

With this article as a guide and the government websites for the most recent information, you can confidently take on the work permit process.

Amid breathtaking natural beauty, this is your chance to start your career in Norway. Best of luck navigating the Norwegian job market and work permit

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